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Deep Sea Sportfishing is a premier adventure destination for westport fishing charter enthusiasts, boasting a fleet of three exceptional vessels – the Comeback,  Tequila Too and the Ultimate. With a focus on providing an unforgettable deep-sea fishing experience, Deep Sea Sportfishing offers a diverse range of fishing trips, each tailored to cater to the preferences and skill levels of anglers.

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Deep Sea Sportfishing’s commitment to providing a diverse range of fishing options, coupled with the expertise of their crews and the excellence of their vessels, ensures that every angler can find the perfect adventure on the Tequila Too, the Ultimate or the Comeback. Whether it’s the challenge of deep water bottom fishing, the excitement of chasing salmon, or the pursuit of elusive albacore tuna, Deep Sea Sportfishing offers an unparalleled fishing experience on the open seas.

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Deep Sea Sportfishing, Inc. Disclaimer

We (Larry Giese and Rebecca Fitzpatrick) understand that customers who have booked with us over the last twenty-eight years have experienced a loss of funds owed to them by J&S Endeavors; the company that purchased Deep Sea Charters two years ago. Because of their failure to keep the business afloat, we have regained possession of the building and decided to reestablish a new charter service. DEEP SEA SPORTFISHING is in no way affiliated with either Deep Sea Charters or J&S Endeavors. Our condolences go out to customers, vendors and skippers that lost money due to the mismanagement by J&S Endeavors. Unfortunately, we cannot be liable for those losses. We too, haven’t been compensated monies owed and many of the skippers that worked so well with us over the years have now chosen to contract their boats elsewhere. It is our hope that you will feel secure in fishing with DEEP SEA SPORTFISHING and know that we will always take good care of our customers, skippers, and vendors.